Soil, water and air protection


How can you protect the soil from contamination caused by industrial spills? How can you make landfills not only safe, but also pleasant environments? How can you make a waste disposal site generate money instead of only costs? Tritech Natural has answers to all these complex environmental questions!

We also provide sustainable solutions for lining water basins and canals to ensure there is water for irrigation in dry periods, but also to line ponds, lakes and underground structures.

Tritech Natural conceives and develops innovative solutions for the protection of soil, water and air. Our products include proven technologies for durable bottom liners and systems for capturing detrimental landfill gas and recycling it as biogas. All over the world, we have been helping to improve people’s living environments and protect nature for more than 20 years now.

We deploy our state-of-the-art technologies to implement effective solutions in projects around the world in collaboration with our customers and partners. As a knowledge partner, we proactively help to organise our customers’ projects more efficiently. Thanks to our partnerships and close contacts with knowledge institutes and public bodies, we always find high-quality solutions for our customers that comply with the local requirements and so provide peace of mind. Tritech Natural is active in the industrial sector, landfills, soil remediation and mining, but we also work in the landscaping, infrastructure and construction sectors.


We continuously seek to use the most effective technologies and forge lasting partnerships in the development of our products. Our goal is always to provide our customers with innovative products and smart and sustainable solutions that contribute to improving the environment while also reaping benefits for the customer’s project.

Trisoplast® is a robust, highly flexible and extremely durable isolation solution. It is the perfect mineral bottom liner for landfills, mining depots and industrial sites, but it is also ideal for lining ponds and water basins. This patented Dutch top product has been successfully used all over the world.

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Multriwell and gas conversion
Multriwell is a patented innovative degassing solution that stimulates biological activity in landfills. The resulting landfill gas is efficiently captured so that it can be burned or converted into sustainable gas or electricity. Moreover, by capturing this greenhouse gas it is no longer released into the atmosphere. This process is also known as Waste-to-Energy.

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Soil protection

Tritech Natural is specialised in the development of bottom liners and other solutions for soil protection. We operate in a wide range of sectors, including landfills, landscaping, industry and infrastructure. Our innovative applications ensure the optimum isolation of water, waste and other materials, sustainably and effectively. Trisoplast® is our tried-and-tested, highly flexible and extremely durable soil bottom liner, developed by us in house and used all over the world.

Waste-to-Energy and Waste-to-Value

We provide solutions for the construction of new landfills but also for the remediation of existing sites with environmental contamination issues. In addition to Trisoplast, our Multriwell® system is an effective solution for intensively degassing landfills and accelerating the biodegradation process. We convert the biogas that is produced, which is rich in methane, into a valuable source of sustainable energy. By capturing this greenhouse gas it is no longer released into the atmosphere. In addition, compensation is available for every tonne of CO2 saved through the CO2 emissions trading scheme, providing a welcome return on investment for both operators and investors. Waste-to-Energy and Waste-to-Value!

Consultancy services and cooperation

Our drive to innovate and to lead the way with sustainable solutions has led to numerous highly successful projects over the past decades, among others for public authorities, property developers, and industrial and waste processing companies. We make our knowledge available to our customers so they can successfully develop their projects. We also carry out feasibility studies for investments in landfill gas capture and conversion into energy. With our broad knowledge and our innovative technologies, we can help our customers to achieve both their sustainability and profitability goals. We provide comprehensive landfill technology solutions together with our strong network of knowledge partners and we also cooperate in Waste-to-Energy projects.


Tritech Natural is active all over the world, from China to South America. Over the past decades, we have built an intercontinental network of licensees to ensure the effective delivery of our products and services to local customers. This global partnership is working to provide a better living environment for people while at the same time protecting the natural world. We guarantee the same high quality service wherever we work.

Thanks to an active network of sister companies, we can also deliver to countries where we do not yet have licensees. For example, Multriwell BV is responsible for supplying the Multriwell system to the international market, while licensee GID Milieutechniek supplies and installs our products in the Netherlands and Belgium and also functions as operating company in countries where we do not yet have a licensee.

Tritech Natural. The Environment Company.


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